<aside> 📅 Submissions run monthly every month on ensgrants.xyz.



The Public Goods Small Grants is an iterative grants process inspired by the Nouns DAO prop house that awards 1 ETH to the five most-voted projects on ensgrants.xyz.

This grant stream is our smallest Public Good grant available. It is meant to have a low barrier of entry to encourage new and innovative ideas. The only qualifying criteria for applying for this grant are those submissions must not be ENS-centric. Projects that build on ENS are directed to the corresponding ENS Ecosystem Small grants.

How to Submit

Small Grants submissions generally open during the second week of every month. There is some flexibility to this grant schedule depending on DAO voting activity and other events.

All submissions are accepted on ensgrants.xyz. Submissions are open for five days, while the subsequent voting phase is open for roughly 72 hours.

Being an iterative process, stewards may chose to adjust times, voting strategies or award amounts at their discretion. These changes are announced on working group calls.

See current and past round on  ensgrants.xyz.